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The Ice Fishing History of Lake Simcoe

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Mormyshka Ice Fishing Rod

This type of ice fishing rod is also known as a palm rod, balalaika or mormyshka rod and is used across Europe for competition fishing. These short and finesse...

Crashing The Bottom

Meegs lures have been around for awhile now and it's about time someone told people how to really catch more fish with them! What's a ...

A Lake Trout On Lake Simcoe

Man it was cold! That morning in mid January 2009 we heard it was -35 with the wind chill in Toronto, and we were up along...

Lake Simcoe Ice Hut Operators

Lake Simcoe Hut Operator Directory. Fishing Lake Simcoe provides the most updated map of ice hut operators on Lake Simcoe.