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Ice Conditions Today for Lake Simcoe and surrounding lakes - Ice Watch Reports: Winter 2016

Last Updated: Friday, February 11, 2016 at 10.00 pm

Port Bolster- Casey's Fish Huts: ice thickness 9"-12". 10 huts out for perch & whietfish. Good fishing!
Holmes Point Park - Steve's Fish Huts (705-426-7229): ice thickness: 8".
Hank Heyink Fish Hut Rentals (905-722-3718) has a few huts on Cook's Bay, Keswick: ice thickness 8".

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Fishing On Lake Joseph Will Be Allowed During The Family Day Weekend

Lake Simcoe Ice Conditions & Fishing update from the ice hut operators
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If you know the ice conditions around Lake Simcoe and surrounding lakes please share with others. You can submit your information: ice thickness, distance from shore, exact or approximate location on the map, location of dangerous spots; pressure cracks, attach pictures, YouTube video to your ice report. Your important information may help others play safe on the ice.

Lake St John. Sat, Jan 30 2016
Saturday, Jan 31 2016 - Lake St John near Orillia. Ice: 10" clear, snow patches. Good pike fishing. Pretty busy on Saturday.... Read more
Lake: Lake St John
On Ice:
People Fishing
Ice Huts
Hotline: Busy lake
Cook's Bay - Keswick Beach
Saturday, January 23, 2016. Cook’s Bay, Keswick Beach area. We found ice thickness of: 6”-9”. Snow patches. Good walking conditions but, don’t forget your ice cleats. In general perch fishing was average but, we managed to find some jumbos 16’-20’ deep. Best fishing time – after sunset. Best lure – heavy silver tungsten mormyshka tipped with Phenix Tournament tube. Stay tuned… ... Read more
Lake: Lake Simcoe
On Ice:
People Fishing
Cars Parking on Ice
MacLean Lake - Coldwater
Saturday, January 23, 2016. MacLean Lake ice conditions. 5" black ice, 2" white. Hard snow on top. Good walking. Same big crappie caught.... Read more
Lake: MacLean Lake
On Ice:
St. John, Orillia
Lake St. John, Orillia, Saturday, March 21 2015. 20" of clear ice plus 3-4" of white ice. Good pike fishing, shallow.... Read more
Lake: Lake St. John
On Ice:
People Fishing
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