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I just walked out off of Borland St. onto Couchiching, drilling holes and measuring as I went. 50m from shore there was 4"blue + 6"of white. (10" total) I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven, so I carried on. The results were disappointing. 100m from shore there was 4"blue+5"white. (9" total). Another 100m later, and there was only 4.5" of blue, covered with a foot of snow. Water quickly flooded the area I was standing. I could see lots of slush in skidoo tracks around the area. I pushed on another 100m and found a spot where someone else had checked, and decided to use their hole to measure. This was the farthest point I went, and I could see that the other person had turned around, and not fished. Water had pushed up on top of the ice through the hole already, and as I bent over to measure the ice (which was 4"blue with a foot of loose snow/slush on top) the ice started to crack a LOT! I decided to make my way back to shore. Buzz killed. Until tomorrow.

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Lake Couchiching

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Contact Person: Shane


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Located in: Lake Couchiching

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