2012 Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open Results and Details

Formosa and Saliba Win 2012 Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open For Fourth Time!

Orillia, Ontario Canada: As 100 boats and 200 anglers blasted off on the calm waters of Lake Couchiching the morning of October 20th, many were surprised they had to deal with four foot waves as soon as they entered Lake Simcoe. Some turned around and headed back for calmer waters while others prevailed ... carefully manoeuvring their bass boats to productive fishing waters they found during practice period the week before. The Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open, hosted by the Aurora Bassmasters capitalizes on one of the world’s finest smallmouth fisheries.


Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open Brings On Big Jim as MC

Big Jim McLaughlin Orillia, Ontario Canada: Organizers of the Bass Pro Shops Lake Simcoe Open bass tournament, hosted by the Aurora Bassmasters, are thrilled to announce they have signed the legendary Big Jim McLaughlin to be MC of their tournament weigh-in ceremonies for the 2012 event out of Orillia Oct 20th. "It's been many years since I won my second Canadian Championship out of Orillia, but when I see the weights that come in now for a 5 fish limit surpassing even those of the old 6 fish tournament limit... I am absolutely jacked to be the Emcee at the 2012 BASS PRO SHOPS LAKE SIMCOE OPEN Canada's Premier one day bass fishing tournament. PERIOD!" - said Big Jim.


The Minn Kota iPilot - Gadget or Godsend?

Unlike the various choppers, blenders and other gadgets featured on those annoying infomercials, every so often a product comes along that is not only innovative and useful but delivers on the pre release hype.

Being a "gadget guy" I'm always on the lookout for some new piece of technology that will help me put a few more fish in my boat although the fact is I have consigned most of my gadget purchases to the ever-expanding bank of storage cabinets in my basement. While they all seemed like a good idea at the time, in practical terms they were not all that effective or useful.


Crashing The Bottom

Meegs lures have been around for awhile now and it's about time someone told people how to really catch more fish with them! What's a Meegs? It's only the greatest thing to hit ice fishing since the creation of frozen water! The action of a Meegs lure is designed to imitate that of a feeding or a wounded minnow, it just depends on how you jig it!

Its as easy as a flick of a your wrist. As a minnow begins to feed off of organisms from the lake bed below they sit at a 45degree angle so they can eat more easily. Meegs lures are designed to copy that of a minnow's action while feeding.


A Lake Trout On Lake Simcoe

Man it was cold! That morning in mid January 2009 we heard it was -35 with the wind chill in Toronto, and we were up along the north shores of Lake Simcoe so it was that much colder. "Perhaps the other guys who decided not to come at the last minute were smarter than we think," my son Izaak said as we headed out into the bitter wind onto the frozen lake. Still, the sunrise was gorgeous … and our hopes were high for yet, another terrific day on the ice.


Lake Simcoe Fish Stocking Records

Q: How was the decision to reduce stocking of lake trout made?

A: The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources made the decision following a comprehensive review of fisheries information and stocking options which was guided by the advice from two Lake Simcoe committees, the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Stakeholder Committee representing a broad range of fisheries interests in the watershed; and the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Management Committee, a government committee comprised of fisheries and water quality scientists, biologists, policy and management staff.


Lake Simcoe VHS Positive Zone Could Infect Other Lakes

For Immediate Release: June 15, 2012
The Aurora Bassmasters would like to remind all boaters and anglers who visit Lake Simcoe, to be absolutely certain they do not inadvertently transfer water from this lake to others in the province.

"Boaters can follow a series of simple yet effective preventive measures in order to slow the spread of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicaemia (VHS), which was confirmed  in Lake Simcoe last year, said David Meadows president of the club."  The deadly fish virus has already been responsible for significant fish die offs in Lake Ontario, and was responsible for a fish die off in Lake Simcoe last year.

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