Mormyshka Ice Fishing Rod

This type of ice fishing rod is also known as a palm rod, balalaika or mormyshka rod and is used across Europe for competition fishing. These short and finesse rods are supplied with a reel. However, the reel is used as a line storage only. You have to feel the line with your fingers and pull the line to land a fish.

Mormyshka Rod

Mormyshka rod setup

Ice Fishing Rod Setup

Strike Indicators

Fishing with mormyshka requires strike indicators attached to the tip of the rod. Strike indicators are made from many different materials.

Ice Fishing Strike Indicators

Five most common strike indicators:

  1. Made of thin spring wire. Use: vertical jigging light spoons or heavy mormyshka. Good for perch.
  2. Stiff plastic hair style strike indicator. Use: jigging spoons or heavy mormyshka. Good for perch and whitefish.
  3. Needle shaped plastic, very good sensitivity.
  4. Made of x-ray film, very easy to make. Extremely sensitive. These are probably the best strike indicators. Not recomended for jigging spoons.
  5. Made of hair from wild boar. Super sensitive but breaks very easily.

Mormyshka Rod

Balalaika Rod

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