Jerkbaits Rule for Ontario’s Waters

For many years ... actually decades now, I have been a big fan of jerkbaits. From the start of bass season until it closes, I will always have at least one tied on and ready to go. Without doubt, my favorite is the Rapala X-Rap as it casts like a bullet and can suspend a couple of meters below the surface if you so desire.  It can be equally effective at catching a quick limit as it can at that kicker fish you need to cash a cheque. The X-Rap is the perfect search bait because even when most bass are shut down, there’s often one ornery one, perturbed enough to not let that uber tempting, injured minnow get away! And fortunately for you, bass often hang out together- so the one that gave himself away, can tell you others might be nearby and cacheable with a slower moving soft bait.

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